1.24.15 Saturday

Today is another day of exploring and shopping!  But first I want to capture what the hotel looks like from outside our room.  The center is like a humongous atrium that’s light and open.  Our view of inside the hotel from our 12th floor location – we are room 21221.


We go back down our favorite street (maybe one day I will actually write it down) which is just walking distance from our hotel.  We find a very nice boutique-y plaza next to the Factory Outlet that sells the Celadon.  There are about 15 little shops that sell clothes, jewelry, shoes, hats – a goldmine for fashionable chicks like us.  Since the Factory Outlet is still closed, we decide to take a red bus to Saturday market.  We get there at about 1 p.m. not realizing that the Saturday market is an evening market that does not really start until 4 p.m.  We decide we do not want to hang around that long — the pollution (car exhaust) is exceptionally bad.  Instead we discover that one of the street that Saturday market is next to is full  of shop after shop of silver jewelry.  Imagine a street with one candy store after another (if you like candy), that is what it is like when we are looking at the jewelry.  Of course we buy  a couple of pieces. 🙂

We decide we will head back to the hotel, go for a swim.  This is our gorgeous swimming pool on the 7th floor!





After a relaxing hour at the pool, we shower and have dinner at Tops Market, you guessed it, pad Thai.  I have to lay off the Thai curry, the hot spice is starting to get to me…  We then go back to the street that sells the Celadon and pick up a couple more pieces that have the elephants decorated in the pottery.  We stop at the boutique plaza next door and drink some water.  Hi Sabine!! 🙂



On the way back to our hotel we see this tree all lit up.  Looks better in person, but at least I’ll never forget it, even with this blurry picture.





When we get back to the hotel, we eat cookies in bed and watch the one American channel that airs some decent TV shows.  Life is good.

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