1.23.15 Friday

We decided to sleep in this morning.  It feels so good to sleep in a warm bed, and in a room where we actually have to turn on the air conditioning instead of adding a fourth layer of clothing (as I did at ENP).  Eventually we stroll down to the 1st floor for our complimentary buffet breakfast.  There is a huge assortment of food but Sabine and I stick to the usual Thai salad bar.  However, when I see these mini croissants, I have to get some mostly because they remind of 2 of the dogs, Son Luk and Thai Pei,  that we would hug daily at ENP and it makes me smile.


the shapes here remind me of the back-leg paralyzed puppiesh playmates of Steel, Son Luk and Thai Pei, when we would visit them all in their tiled enclosure. They always sat like this it would look SO cute!!! ♡

10919668_703930593037902_1964224342_n (1)

One of Steel’s playmates. Note the resemblance of the croissants to Gimpy2’s  (Son Luk) legs. He is paralyzed in the back legs with muscular issues. Totally adorable. ♡

After breakfast we decide to explore our favorite street which we discovered the last time we were here 2 years ago, to do a little shopping.  This is ALWAYS fun.  We find a factory outlet shop (Thai style) that sells Celadon (famous in Thailand) and we buy some beautiful bowls with elephants on it.  We are thrilled at this find.  We find a few other shops where we buy a few gifts and, of course, some stuff for ourselves.

We eat lunch at Tops market in the Central Mall (connected to our hotel) and order one of our favorite meals,  Thai curry chicken.


Instant colonoscopy prep.

The we go to TaiPeth Gate, which is where the Sunday (afternoon) market is.  we had found 2 or 3 very nice boutiques that sell pure silver jewelry as well as scarves.  We buy more goodies and have a great time spending the afternoon outdoors.

When we return back to the hotel abd because it is 93º F, we decided to go swimming in the HUGE (Olympic sized but nicer shape) swimming pool on the 7th floor – outdoors.  How lovely!  We swim for an hour, shower and go for pad Thai at Top Market.  We go back to the Night Bazaar again and make sure to get to Lanna Silver.  I buy the elephant pave bracelet.   I will always love this store because of the large selection of gorgeous, uniquely designed silver jewelry pieces.  And they always take you up on the saying, “Can you please give me any discount?” 🙂

By the way, I will get pictures of the swimming pool tomorrow.  I love it here!!!

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