1.22.15 Thursday – Hello Lotus Pang Suan Keow

It is 4 p.m. and we are checking into this hotel.  Oh my!!  Not only does this feel like heaven because we are in a real hotel (warm showers to be had, soft beds, no ‘skeeters), but this might be one of the nicest hotels I have ever been in!  This is our room:


Looking in from 1/2 way into the room — little sitting area.



View from sitting area



Standing on bed… looking at front door (bathroom on right)



Bathtub.. with hot water!!!!



Toilet… with ability to flush toilet paper!!! Most places in Thailand, you are requested to throw all (used) toilet paper in the trash. ew. Shower… with hot water!!



Nice sink area…. with hot water!!!



Complimentary bathrobes 🙂


We took hot showers — sooooo nice — and the headed to Central Mall complex.  On our way out of the Mall area, local vendors had set up the stands with foods and wears.  I found my favorite little vendor that sells all sorts of silver jewelry —  lots of charms and earrings and bracelets.  I got several charms, some as gifts and some for myself.  I am posting this next picture so I remember how to lace this charm through the chain.  It’s very pretty!!! 🙂


From there we decided to go check out the Warrurot market (Chinese market) on the recommendation of our friend Patricia (from Argentina).  Very disappointed with this market.  It was basically commercial cheap goods (shirts, luggage, etc) and the area was very dirty… maybe we just went at a bad time??  But I think we’ll avoid this market in future visits back to Thailand.

We went back to our favorite night market, the Kilare Night Bazaar.  In the red bus that we took there we saw this in the back where we were sitting; it felt like a good omen to be reminded of ENP even though we had just left the park!!




Hello, Night Bazaar!!


While strolling through the Bazaar, we accidentally discovered a a real jewelry store in the heart of the Bazaar called, Lanna Silver.  We both bought a couple of very beautiful pieces of jewelry (can you ever have too much?)  Git a gigantic ice-cream at the Haagen Dazs ice cream shop.  Strolled through several more shops but by 8:30 p.m. we were exhausted and decided to go back to our (lovely) hotel.  By the way, our hotel has HOT WATER!!!

While laying in our beds watching some TV, we heard loud booms, opened the curtains of our 12th floor sitting room area and saw gorgeous fireworks!!  Perfect was to end the night! 🙂










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