Guns win, Victims Lose

Why is it in these ongoing (U.S.) mass shooting tragedies, the guns still win and victims still lose?

I am frustrated and angry hearing on the news  There was a colossal breakdown,…” in how the events transpired in the latest shooting.  Yet another way to divert part of the main issue: availability of guns.  Blame is being placed on the FBI missing warnings, background check failings, lack of action by the sheriff’s deputies at the school…  what about the gun, especially the AR-15 semi automatic assault weapon?

I am torn on the (lack of) efforts by the sheriff’s deputy(s) at the school.  Are these guys supposed to be trained for active COMBAT style shooting at schools?  Should we be putting soldiers in our schools instead?

Training our teachers in combat to protect and assist with potential future shootings? wtf?!

In an article I read, ‘But so many mass shootings become mass shootings “because the AR-15 was used,” he said, adding that the damage the weapon does to the human body pales in comparison to a handgun.  “I’ve talked to ER physicians,” Chipman said. “Rifle rounds are so devastating to the human body.”‘

And then this one from a congressman on this morning’s news, “…the 2nd Amendment is my god-given right…” What?  I call bullshit.  Where I have much to say about the 2nd amendment, I will only say, I’m pretty sure God did not write our Constitution.

I’m tired of hearing, guns don’t kill people, people do.  Think again.  The guns, used by a human,  killed these 17 innocent victims on 2/14/2018 (FL); 25 on 11/5/2017 (TX); 27 on 12/14/2012 (CT); 49 on 6/12/2016 (FL); 58 on 10/1/2017 (NV)… the list goes on and on.

We have much to do in understanding and better handling mental health issues.  Much to do in allowing our protection agencies the resources to fully vet and act on potential threats.  This won’t happen overnight but it can, must and will happen.  In the meantime, let’s make the accessibility to these weapons our first order of business.  It should be that simple.  Human lives matter.

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