1.25.15 Sunday

Today was a very laid back day.  We first went back to the ENP office to donate more clothes.  Dontating clothes helps the Hill Tribe village that will end up receiving them and it makes more room in our suitcases to bring home market finds!! 🙂  From ENP office, we walked to Tai Paeth Gate, which was barely a quarter mile, for Sunday market.  We found a different vendor that was making fresh dumplings – yummy still!!  And we got grilled corn on the cob.  We bought a few more last minute things: happy pants (stretch loose cotton pants that are great for hot weather), scarf for mom, more hanging lights for the girls…  Definitely my favorite day market and in a great area for exploring.

By the time we finished looking at everything we wanted to, we decided to have late lunch early dinner at the Black Canyon Cafe.  We each splurged on delicious coffee drinks… this is my black hazelnut frappe.



We returned back to the hotel for one last swim at the pool.  Then showered and packed our suitcases.  This is always one of the saddest parts but we are ready to get back to our families….  Good bye Lotus Pang Suan Keow.  See you again soon!! [  Now for the 24 hour trip back home… 🙂 ]


From the lobby looking up



Open lounge area on ground floor



Open lounge area on ground floor


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