November 17, 2015

Although I planned to take the day off, I worked from home instead.  I am feeling very good.  I do have some rumbling below the equator and have been looking at the Imodium and Stool Softeners trying to determine which this way is going to go.

By 10:00 I decided to step out and pick up Kelly’s finalized senior pictures; I love them all!  I stopped at Jo-Anns to to get some saddle pad fabrics for Christmas orders as well as some NFL themed fabrics for Christmas presents that we will be making for our Secret Santa picks!

I experienced my first weirdness of neuropathy when I tried to shut the mudroom door.  First I got a blast of electricity in my right hand through to my fingertips and then the tip had a numb yet tingly feeling.  I could only equate it to holding Scout’s ‘safety’ color in my hand while passing through the wire.  Sorry Scout, that zap SUCKS.  Maybe this is not neuropathy and just a weird freak thing that happened.

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