You’re never too old….

look what i did?!?!

meRidingChloe It was so much fun.  I was not nervous at all, suprisingly, but it’s probably because for the past 3 weeks, I have been spending as much time as I can when Jen is at the barn, getting to know Chloe.  Honestly the first few days i was a little intimidated by her because she is young (therefore has lots of energy) and she is BIG (bigger than Calvin anyway).  But Jen would encourage me to brush her and she gave me tips on how Chloe likes to be hugged — facing out sort of under and to the side of her neck with your arm under and around her neck.  She now lets me kiss her nose and is incredibly gentle, despite her largeness.  It’s funny, just when you think your heart can’t love anymore because it is so filled with love for so many other things, the heart miraculously finds a way, without any trouble at all.

It was a short ride, down the dirt driveway and back.  Chloe was curious as to who was on her back since she could see Jen in front of her leading us.  Chloe’s ears would curiously flick back listening to my inexperience, all the while being very patient.  I wanted to lean over and wrap my arms around her neck and hug her.  But I didn’t because i would surely have fallen off.

I think she has a nice gait… it felt more comfortable than the Rocking Horse Ranch horse i rode.  and i felt safe on her strong body and strong legs.

She let me slide off her back when we were done.   Never moved as I fumbled off the saddle.  And for that, I gave her yet another big kiss…


One response to “You’re never too old….

  1. I am so glad you dropped by my blog and liked a posting cause now I found you! I love the post; my love of animals in general and horses in particular as well as lyrical writing has my finger on the trigger to click “follow” Thank you.

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