a push, a shove and a rush of blood…

I was pissed.  But I am over it.  Life’s to short.

This is what transpired earlier today… which started with a facebook post from Lek along with some sadly graphic but important pictures of elephant torture.

On the 13th of March every year is the day that Thailand celebrates the Elephant’s Day ! I will dedicate my page from now on to reveal the suffering of the elephant. I want to share the picture to let the world to know what is behind the elephant show and circus and entertainment , how the elephant so suffer from this !

Today, too many hundreds of thousands and beyond of tourists still pay money and expect to be entertained by the animal ! The world is complete with the black heart and no understanding. How can our message reach them , how can our message teach them. This picture, these eyes of suffering, speak thousands of words to the tourist. Your voice will help to save the elephant ! Please do not hesitate to speak strongly !
with NuNa Silpa-archa

Then through several posts, this one person, Jess something made this statement that got a rile out of some people including me.  I’m sure she will retaliate again tomorrow but i don’t really give a shit anymore.

 Jess Sathiest 99% of this human population are selfish, self-absorbed & apathetic assholes. They know cruelty exists, they simply don’t care. Their needs are far too important to concern themselves with the suffering of the animals who are tortured. They pay the abusers to watch a show, or to be entertained & by default they expect these animals to perform. Their warped thinking is: “If we pay for it we have a right to see these animals perform for us.” This is why I am misanthrope. I despise my race & will never show any empathy or have any sympathy for any form of human suffering. My heart & my fight belong to the animals. Humans need to perish. Education is not they key because most humans possess a neanderthal mentality that no amount of education can change.

Libby Helton Jess im sorry you hate the human race and you are certainly entitled to feel how you feel but I too stand by what I said. We will agree to disagree. Your country is diff than mine. We don’t have such horrid traditions such as you described. Thank you for educating me on some of them. I’ve learned something new and that being said we all want the same thing. Animal abuse and cruelty need to end.

Jess Sathiest Danny Henriksen I have no idea what the point of your post was?? Where in my post did I say anything about stopping what I am doing and giving up the fight?? I expressed my loathing of the human race and said I feel no empathy or sympathy for them because my heart and my fight was, is and always will be for the animals. I also said that the human race was not worth ‘educating’ because it does no good – they already know the truth they simply don’t care. All I read in your post is what you do, so if you needed a platform to get out to the world how much you do then you accomplished that, but your comment to me was pointless. I too am an animal activist and I too march and protest and even sign petitions. I cant see it making much difference or any difference for that matter, but I still do it. However, I do not believe humans have the capacity to change so instead of believing something like this with all my heart (as you indicated you do) I prefer to try and help the animals around me that I can actually help. I cant save all the animals of the world but the ones I can help I will help.

Cat Ghislaine Garber Wow. For those who have no faith in the human race… i feel sorry for you. Does that mean we give up and stop fighting for animals? People are making a difference in trying to help and protect and save these animals… and forests… and pastures. .. etc. But things don’t just change overnight. I will continue to be involved and support the cause. As a species we have so much to learn but I have hope.

Jess Sathiest LOL Cat Ghislaine Garber why on earth would you feel sorry for people who don’t share your mindset?? You should instead direct your pity at the ones like yourself who have the faith and hope in this human race. I certainly don’t need or want yours or anyone else’s pity for how I feel. I am quite open about my loathing for this race and have no hope for us. So you believe what you want to believe and hope for, but keep your pity for yourself, okay? Good!

Cat Ghislaine Garber Sadly the intent of Lek’s post is getting lost. Jess Sathiest you perplex me. Do you loathe and hate yourself as well? Or are you the only good human alive? I the don’t read realism in your views I read pessimism.

Jess Sathiest LOL Cat Ghislaine Garber you amuse me with your mundane garble. I am misanthrope, look up the word & educate yourself to what misanthrope means. To your last bit of garble – realist or pessimist, both suit me fine. As long as I’m not delusional in my beliefs  Im off to bed now, it is soon going to be midnight here. Go amuse someone else. TaTa.

Cat Ghislaine Garber Nah Jess Sathiest I don’t need to look anything up. Plain and simple you are mean and insulting and use misanthrope and other semantics to justify your rudeness. I have you figured out just fine. For someone who hates the human race you sure like to be around them or you wouldn’t be on here. You like to hear yourself rant and get a rise out of others. By the way you and you alone in this series of posts define the word loathsome. Not the Lek’s of the world. Sweet dreams. But you probably don’t have those either. Over.and.out.

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