Day 2 at ENP – 1.13.15 Tuesday

Will have to add photos and notes later.  Checking if I can post

Clean elephant park. Saw Navaan and family. Saw Mae Bua Loi and Mae Bua Kham. They were in blankets because they were shivering; it’s been quite cold in the morning.

Saw Dok Mai and family herd.







Learned that females produce milk ànd can give birth up to 60 years of age. Wow.

Played with cats after morning chore and had delicious lunch. It is freezing in the morning and night! !! But sunny and warm during the day. Actually quite refreshing. 🙂

This afternoon is elephant bath which I may just observe and photograph today. Snoozed a little in the sun after lunch first though. Get a chill out if the sun and the elephant platform is out in the sun.

Loving everything.

Even the fact that I will be cleaning elephant and cattle poo this afternoon .

She just came up to the platform!


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