Sunday Walking Market (Tha Phae Gate)

p.s. This post was done from the bathroom, which is closest to the hallway, which is closest to the free WiFi. Nothing except typing was done while writing this post.

Finally the clear blue skies of Chiang Mai in winter!  :).


We are on our way to Sunday Market, not Sunday Walking Market which is much bigger. We will go there when we return from the sanctuary. Some cool art work across from the market. I snuck in a little American influence in the bottom right of this picture (McDonald’s). Why would anyone not want to eat delicious Thai food only?!?!

This is a view of the start of the market at Tha Phae Gate. Hi, Sabine! The aisles for the markets are usually quite long and several rows deep. The day markets or walking markets are some of my favorites because the majority of the items are handmade. The Kilare Night Bazaar, which I still enjoy, is 50/50 designer knock-off tents and handmade goods.

Two aisles are dedicated to the locals who are preparing food to so sell to tourists.  EVERYTHING is made fresh. Speaking of food, this was our lunch, homemade dumplings and fresh mango juice on the rocks. Yummy!


I was able to buy a few things but am limiting myself since I will have to pack it all up and take it to the sanctuary. I will do the heavy shopping when we are done volunteering.  🙂 When we were done with the market, we explored a couple of streets across from the market and, or course, I bought a couple more things.  I made a friend at the bookstore we visited. He had a collar woth a bell on it which made me very happy since it mean he has a human. He was relatively small yet round:


And true to cat nature, when I tried to get a picture of his face, he gave me the cold shoulder.


At around 4:00, we decided we were done and took a motor-trike back home. By the way, there are no driving laws or lanes in Thailand. Part of the Thai charm 🙂


Here is more scenery on the way back to the hotel.





We will have a low key evening before the start of our volunteer work tomorrow.  Probably have some pad Thai at Top Market (which has a mall on top of it) and then had back to our hotel next door. We pack up and watch a little t.v. — one American channel, woohoo!! I’ll write more in 12-ish days when we return from the sanctuary!

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