Thailand or bust.

Not the happiest camper. We actually arrived at the hotel by 12:00 a.m. ish on 1/9/2015. It is raining which it never does in Thailand in January. This saddens me… Frazzled and exhausted because the flight from NYC to Seoul was delayed which made us land in Seoul 5 minutes AFTER our boarding time for the 2nd leg or our trip (Seoul to Chiang Mai).

I had about 472987234987623957 hot flashes (I have noticed that some of my hot flashes can be triggered by stress) while running from arrival gate, through security (again) where the line was 43958736729768725621340685868234 people long, to the next departure gate. The whole time I think I may have been yelling that we are to miss our next flight. The entire process was very unorganized and not ‘typical’ of the Seoul airport experience.

The rest went relatively smoothly until we opened the door to our room… and it was warm, and muggy, and 2 post-grad graduates could not figure out how to turn on a single light switch in the room. In fact, some seemed to be missing… I was ready call the front desk, but not only could I not see the phone, but the power to the phone was also off.

I’m not sure what made Sabine think to put our keycard into a little slot by the entry way to our room, but when she did, the lights went on, the air-conditioning turn on, the mini-fridge turned on… I guess this is a slightly clever idea so that guests do not lose their keys so easily AND they are forced to shut off the power when the leave the room. But it would have been nice if this was explained to us.

This deluxe room seems to be 2 deluxe’s less than the last 2 times we were here and I have to be standing in the hallway or near our toilet (which is nearest to the hallway) in order to get an internet connection. Skyping is loud and disruptive on a 12 hour time difference, but whatevs.

I (we) am (are) showered and clean and ready to comfortably rest on our beds while we loosely plan our next couple of days before volunteering…

over and out.

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