be fruitful

this is the last of the 5 baby bunnies, the sole survivor.  we released him into grandmom’s front garden.  he has really started using his legs, hopping around everywhere.  i think he needed the freedom from the box he was living in (with his litter mates).  between the fresh air, clean surroundings and being able to stretch his legs — he was starting to drag them in the box, almost as though he was paralyzed — he seems to finally be thriving.  we let him out before we headed to the beach.  he had disappeared when we returned, with a sighting 2 houses down.  by cocktails, he was back by the porch.  i think he may recognize it.  we gave him some lettuce and cabbage which he happily nibbled on.  and although he does not want to be handled, he does come right up to us, sniffing our feet or fingers.

he recognizes the house that saved him.  i hope he stays around for a while.

p.s.   he’s sort of smitten with the pink hibiscus flowers.  and by smitten, i mean pleased with how they taste…

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