the ones i love most are the ones that drive me crazy

but that’s sort of a good thing, isn’t it?  it’s not the crazy like i want to punch you in the face crazy.  it’s crazy like we let each other in.. into each other lives…  so you get the good, the bad and the ugly.  we are so comfortable that we aren’t afraid to expose ourselves, even if it results in a raised eyebrow, rolling eyes or gritted teeth.

like when he washes his face before bed, and it looks like geyser exploded all over the bathroom counter. water everywhere.  or when he brushes his teeth at the kitchen sink and leaves his toothbrush to dry on the drying mat… with drying pots and pans. or when cookie wrappers are left on the end table from after school snacks and little socks are left on the family room floor… while relaxing and eating their afternoon snack.  even the 4 leggeds even get in on it, with the cat fur rubbed onto my black pant legs, and the dog slobber left on my blouse from that morning goodbye kiss before i leave for work.

and then there’s the words that come out of their mouths (not the pets, but the humans).  those are sometimes a little harder to take.  like why the dishes don’t have to be done right after dinner as long as they are done before going to bed. or why just because you didn’t use it doesn’t mean you can’t help put it away.

and even though these things do drive me crazy, they are things that remind me that i am loved.  it is because i am loved (and that i love back) that i have all these interactions, the ones that drive me crazy and the ones that make me feel happy.  and these both are the things i remember at night when the house is quiet and i am thinking of the day’s everything.  they make me smile.

they say to choose your battles, and i do.  but life is good…


i guess we’ll just keep doing what we’re doing; loving each other… and driving each other crazy.

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