eye candy?

🙂 the archive format for my blog looks pretty nice.  iiiiiiiiiiiiiii think.


i am craving a alcoholic  beverage.  this does not mean that i am an alcoholic.  far from it.  in fact i am quite the tea-tootler.  and when i say i am craving an alcoholic beverage, i am pretty sure it is the taste… like in a gin and tonic or margarita.  but i guess i do like the taste of the alcohol because virgin versions of these drinks just do not taste the same.  and it is not so much the tipsy feeling that i am going for as it is the taste and the way my muscles (the stubborn ones in my shoulders) relax.  no more burdens on those shoulders… and if i was to be honest, i suppose the soft buzz that comes with it is sort of nice — that warm and fuzzy feeling that consumes every sense.  it’s like chocolate.

not to worry… i have the warm and fuzzy feeling when i do not drink as well.  that one is like ice cream.  just as dreamy, but leaving me more alert.

just a few more hours to go. 

and then it’s miller time. 

figuratively speaking.



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