this actually isn’t bothering me too much anymore,  but, wow. 

people can be amazingly clueless.  i was in a meeting this morning with a few of my peers where the resulting discussions were getting excited and stressed on exactly how we were going to approach this new task.  having some valuable knowledge, i attempted to contribute some supportive arguments.  on all three occasions i tried to speak, i was completely disregarded, like they never heard my voice.  i realize that i am fairly soft-spoken but i am still with decibel range.  and to add to the insult, the physical backs of the speaker(s) was all i got while sitting at this large round oval table, bodies twisted sideways and leaning on the table so that i was looking at the backs of heads and frumpy clothing.  why i attend these meetings, where i am barely visible and i just end up listening to the 12 different ways to say the same thing, everyone talking, no one listening, is beyond me. 

so much for the motivational speaker that was brought in for our more ‘human’ development a few weeks ago. (IT-er’s often function like a bunch of unfeeling machines.)  where it was stressed upon the importance of taking the time to listen to what is being said while offering compassion and acknowledgement.  you know, those basic human interactions that are supposed to make one’s day. 

i am in the wrong profession.

ah well.  another day, another dollar.  and another suckler of the corporate nipple.

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